Personal Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax

We provide our clients with comprehensive tax services in the area of income taxes of both individuals and legal entities.

Personal Income Tax

This area includes consultancy in respect of taxation of employment earnings, on the local as well as on the international level. Thanks to the cooperation with related offices, we are able to provide comprehensive service for both foreign employees working in the Czech Republic and Czech employees working temporarily abroad.

We also provide tax planning in the area of international taxation with the emphasis on tax optimization and minimization of tax liability.

Besides tax consultancy regarding employment earnings, we also provide consulting services in connection with other income of individuals, such as business income, capital assets income or income from immovable property.

We provide tax consultancy especially in the following areas:

  • employee benefits
  • proposals of tax structures for employment of foreigners
  • possibilities, appropriate employment structures and tax effects for Czech citizens working abroad
  • optimization in the area of social and health insurance
  • review of payroll accounting agenda
  • review and optimization of the used remuneration structure
  • preparation of personal income tax returns

Taxation of Legal Entities

Corporate income tax represents one of the most important tax liabilities in companies. In the Czech Republic, corporate income tax represents one of the areas of the tax law that are changed most frequently and to the largest extent.

Our work is aimed at providing our clients with comprehensive tax consultancy in the area of this tax and minimizing tax liability and, at the same time, eliminating the risk of additional tax assessments and related penalties due to failure to fulfil tax liability.

The tax consultancy provided in the area of corporate income tax includes especially the following areas:

  • permanent establishment in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • thin capitalization
  • optimal utilization of tax losses
  • holding structures
  • property – review and tax planning
  • advertising costs – review and tax planning
  • reserves and provisions – review and tax planning
  • lease agreements – review and tax planning
  • tax implications of a change of the accounting period
  • assistance during tax audits
  • assistance during liquidation of a company
  • application of the deductible item of research and development

Our Services in the Area of Corporate Income Tax:

Compilation of Corporate Income Tax Return

We offer a possibility to our clients to have completely compiled their tax returns by a tax adviser. If a tax return is compiled by a tax adviser, the term of its filing and tax maturity are automatically extended by 3 months.

Consultancy in Preparation of Tax Return

Consulting services provided to our clients in preparation of tax return consist especially in verification of the calculation of the amount of income tax liability prepared by clients. We focus particularly on complicated cases.