We provide our clients with comprehensive keeping of accounts according to the Czech Accounting Standards. We also provide our clients with counselling in respect of keeping of accounts on the basis of consultations.

Services for our clients

Services for our clients include, without limitation, the following areas:

  • Keeping of Accounts
  • keeping of accounting agenda according to the Czech Accounting Standards in Czech, German and English
  • preparation of the agenda for VAT return
  • compilation of annual financial statements
  • consulting services in respect of non-standard accounting transactions
  • financial analyses
  • reviews of the bookkeeping system

Payroll Accounting

  • monthly calculations of wages and salaries
  • review and optimization of calculation of travel expenses compensation
  • keeping of comprehensive personnel agenda including documentation for the competent authorities
  • issuance of employment certificates
  • comprehensive consultancy in the area of wages and salaries taxation including related contributions to social and health insurance
  • assistance during audits carried by tax authorities and other institutions

Other Accounting Services

  • financial accounting, monthly and quarterly closing of books
  • provision of management reporting (in Czech, German and English)
  • preparation of statements for the Statistics Office (e.g. Intrastat)