Indirect Taxes and Customs

Indirect taxes may significantly influence the tax effectiveness of a company. Besides standard consulting services and drawing up tax returns, we provide our clients with consulting services directed especially towards the review of the current structure of effected transactions with the aim to reach cost savings or positive impact on the cash flow in this area.

We provide consulting services both in the area of value added tax and in the area of customs, consumption taxes and ecological taxes. Thanks to our partner offices in and outside of the European Union, we are able to provide comprehensive consultancy taking into consideration the impacts of the effected transactions in all the countries in question.

In the area of ecological tax, we provide the taxpayers with consulting services related to implementation of system of monitoring and payment of these taxes, and the final consumers especially with consulting services in the area of possible ecological tax exemption.

Our services include, without limitation:

  • review of the VAT system and making it more effective
  • consultancy in the area of cross-border transactions including assessment of the impact of these transactions abroad
  • registration and preparation of VAT return both in the Czech Republic and abroad (including the EC Sales List and Intrastat Report)
  • assistance with refund of VAT paid in the price of goods or services in the Czech Republic or abroad
  • analysis of business transactions and internal processes in the area of VAT
  • consultancy in respect of claiming ecological tax exemption (electricity, gas and solid fuel tax)
  • consultancy and planning in the area of customs and assessment basis of customs duty
  • representation and expert assistance during tax audit or customs control
  • representation in proceedings with tax and customs offices
  • training of clients’ specialists